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Earthworks & Contracting / Restoration

With over 50 years in business we have developed considerable expertise in earthmoving and various contracting work including sub-contract crushing and screening, landscaping & restoration operations for projects throughout the North West. 

This level of professionalism and experience allows    MJ TEALE Recycled Sand & Aggregates to undertake contracts/subcontracts covering all aspects of earthworks from small housing projects/developments to bulk excavations & restoration projects.

To compliment our services we are fully SSIP Accredited & we have a fleet of modern plant controlled by our fully trained and experienced operators. We can also supply the service of full testing and grading of materials using UKAS certified laboratories on request to diagnose waste classification prior to works.

The planning and development of new sites for quarries, landfills and agricultural reservoirs is one of the primary services in which MJ TEALE thrive.

We are constantly looking for new opportunities to expand our current commercial operations in terms of new locations from which to extract much needed aggregates, as well as providing a first rate excavation service for farmers and other landowners.


Works include:

  • Bulk excavation

  • Creating lagoons, ponds and reservoirs

  • Cleaning out silted-up lakes and ponds

  • Level cut and fill projects to sites or fields for new development.

  • Land remediation / restoration works.

  • Contract Crushing / Screening.

  • Demolition

  • Landfill, Restoration & Remediation

If you would like to find out more about our range of services above or for a quotation please  email:

Landfill, Restoration & Remediation

We fully support and adhere to the legal requirements governing responsible and sustainable use of sites for both the extraction of aggregates and the disposal of waste materials. MJ TEALE Recycled Sand & Aggregates are more than happy to take on any size of project, offering a complete solution to landowners and local authorities.

MJ TEALE are always looking for opportunities for the responsible restoration of old landfill projects and are actively seeking prospects around the North West from 5000m3 to 1 million m3.

In addition to developing new sites we are also equally proficient at the restoration and remediation of old gravel pits, quarries or similar excavations. At MJ TEALE, we are specialists in decontamination and landscaping of badly managed sites – restoring them to a safe and attractive condition suitable for people, wildlife or further development.

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