Quality Washed Recycled Aggregates

From the companies conception in 1971 a large part of our business has been the supply of quality recycled aggregates throughout Blackpool, Wyre & the Fylde Coast. With over 50 years of experience, we are confident that we can supply a superior service with quality material guaranteed.

To ensure this high level of service and quality all our aggregates are produced in full accordance with the WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) quality protocol and many inline with Highway Works Specifications.

This process involves the raw material that comes into our recycling centres (concrete, hardcore, tarmac, topsoils, as dug ballast etc.) being inspected before tipping then crushed at a specific size and/or washed & screened.

This quality production coupled with the level of service provided by our large recycling facility in Poulton-le-Fylde, gives us the confidence that we can comfortably meet all our clients needs, how ever big or small; throughout Blackpool, Wyre & the Fylde Coast boroughs and beyond.

For more detail or to order quality washed recycled aggregates & all other aggregate products call our friendly experienced staff who will advise you on the best aggregate/material to suit your purpose. Our products are available for collection from our site and also ready to be delivered; from 1 tonne to 1000's - rest assured you're in good hands.

An insight
M J TEALE 6F2 6F5 Blackpool Recycled Aggregats

6F5 / 6F2

Usage – capping layer for roads, pilling matts, general fill, sub base. Well graded crushed concrete material ranging from 125mm down to dust. 

M J TEALE Type 1 Recycled Aggregates MOT Tippers Blackpool Lancaser Preston Wyre Fylde

Type 1 MOT Recycled 

Recycled crushed concrete at 40mm down to dust. Used as a sub base suitable for the construction of yards, driveways, paths & buildings etc.

M J TEALE Blackpool Fill Sand Recycled Aggregate Blackpool

0/2mm Washed Fill Sand

Fill Sand is a recycled high quality washed soft sand. It is a conventionally used for blinding and general fill, used by civil engineers and gas, water and electric contractors as a pipe/cable bedding.

It is mixed with our quality topsoils to create a 1B product ideal for landscaping as a free draining, high quality topsoil.

0-4mm sand.jpg

0/4mm Washed Grit Sand

Our quality washed 0/4mm grit sand is ideal for mixing concrete & is commonly used for floor screeds and laying paving courses. In addition to construction projects, sharp sand can also be used as a dressing for top lawns. 

10mm Washed Recycled.jpeg

10mm Washed Recycled Pipe bedding

A quality washed recycled gravel. This product is clean washed aggregate that is graded from 4-10mm and is an ideal replacement for a quarried product. This material is suitable for drainage, pipe bedding, soakaways and landscaping projects. AVAILABLE MAY 2022

20mm Washed Recycled.jpeg

20mm Washed Recycled Pipe bedding

A quality washed recycled gravel. This product is clean washed aggregate that is graded from 10-20mm and is an ideal replacement for a quarried product. This material is suitable for drainage, pipe bedding, landscaping & concrete products.


40mm Washed Recycled.jpg

40mm Washed Recycled Pipe bedding

A quality washed recycled gravel. This product is clean washed aggregate that is graded from 20-40mm and is an ideal replacement for a quarried product. It can be used for soakaways, landfill blanket layers, French drains & it also conforms to a 6C in the series 600 highways specification. AVAILABLE MAY 2022


Quarry Type 1 MOT Limestone

Carboniferous, locally-quarried limestone – this is a very hard and durable material which is frost resistant. It is graded to Ministry of Transport Type 1 specification from 40mm down to dust. Its main use is as a sub-base material to create a solid foundation. When it is compacted, it will form a hard-level surface which can then be covered with tarmac, concrete or gravel. It is used extensively in road construction but can also be used in many other applications.

20mm single size limestone (4).jpg

20mm Single Quarry Limestone

A limestone gravel or chippings are suitable for paths, driveways and other large areas of landscaping. Can be used as pipe bedding and to create high strength concrete mixes. An alkaline agent so not fish safe.

Type 3 Road Planings Blackpool M J TEALE Tippers Recycled Aggregates

Type 3 - Road Planings

A by-product of resurfacing roads. Planings will bind together once laid to produce a durable hard standing but free draining surface. Can be used as an alternative to type 1 sub base. Ideal for use as a top layer for yards, paths, lanes and temporary roads.

M J TEALE dust, grit sand blackpool. recycled aggregate blackpool. tippers

Recycled Grit Sand

High quality recycled grit sand is a versatile and cheaper alternative to primary products. Our screened grit sand is suitable for floor screeds, bedding block paving, concrete products and most hard landscaping projects. 

75/40mm Clean Stone Recycled Aggregates Blackpool Tippers M J TEALE

75/40mm Clean

Recycled 75/40mm with no fines consisting of crushed concrete/brick, ranging from 75mm to 40mm for a compactable product, cheaper alternative to primary. Suitable applications; drainage, Haul Roads & hard-standing. Subbases for paths, driveways.

M J TEALE BS3882 topsoil Blackpool. Topsoil delivery blackpool.

Grade 1 12mm Screened Topsoil 

A manufactured multi-purpose Topsoil. A landscapers choice, great for high spec developments, gardens, recreation areas, flower beds. Very easily worked with; commonly used on housing sites where it meets the strict guidelines set out by the NHBC. 


As Dug Topsoil to BS3882

This material is typically Topsoil sourced from greenfield sites with full site records and is commonly used on housing sites where it meets the strict guidelines set out by the NHBC. We can source various stockpiles of as dug certificated BS3882 topsoils to suit various end project criteria.  

This soil has full certification, complies with BS3882 & can also be screened to 10mm.

Grade 2 Screened topsoil M J TEALE Blackpool topsoil delivery.

Grade 2 Screened Topsoil 

Recycled from construction sites this clean inert multi-sourced topsoil is then screened to 12mm and is suitable for landscaping project on commercial or industrial building sites. Used for large areas which don’t desire a high spec finish and can also be used as a sub-base for Grade 1 Top Soil.

Muckaway Tipper Hire M J TEALE Blackpol Wyre Fylde Preston 6F2 Recycled Aggregates

Muckaway / Tipper Haulage

MJ TEALE Recycled Sand & Aggregates are proud to be one of the leading tipper providers in the Fylde Coast area.

We have nearly 50 years’ experience in the industry combined with our modern fleet of 8-wheel tipper lorries to handle all types of earthworks and site clearance projects.


We have the knowledge and solutions and are able to manage and dispose of all types of waste soils at inert & non hazardous classifications & also all recyclable hardcore wastes at not only the highest level of service; but also at the most competitive prices. 
We can use our own plant to excavate waste materials into our lorries and remove agreed loads per day, as per the program for specific works. 

We can also provide a grab wagon service; for sites where it may be unable to load via conventional methods or for utility projects.


Work is allocated and controlled from our head office using state of the art tracking and mapping systems ensuring our customers receive a prompt, reliable, and efficient service.

Our modern fleet of tipper trucks are maintained in house to the very highest standards.

To find out more about our tipper hire and muckaway services, contact our team:
Tel: 01253 886046
Email: sales@mjteale.co.uk


A sustainable approach to muckaway / aggregate requirements for all construction and civil engineering projects.

Tipping Facilities

Contractors, Tradesmen and Domestic Customers are all welcome to tip at our 9 acre recycling facility on Poulton Business Park with our weigh and tip service. Local authorities; skip hire companies, man in van operations as well as other waste management companies benefit from our state-of-the-art recycling facilities.

On arrival at our facility, your vehicle will be directed to our weighbridge station; at our office where the load will be weighed and logged before tipping. You will then be directed over to the allocated tipping area. Once tipped, the material will be stockpiled ready for loading into our various plant for recycling; which in turn produces fully recycled, quality washed aggregate products ready for re-use. For more information about our range of recycled aggregates please click here ;

Materials to be tipped at MJ TEALE Recycled Sand & Aggregates (for public reference) are as follows;

  1. Hardcore - Rubble (CLEAN) 

Types of hardcore and rubble include:

  • Stone

  • Brick

  • Tarmac

  • Concrete

  • Ceramic

  • Slate


   2. Inert Material 

Types of inert material include :

  • Soil & Hardcore (Mixed)

  • Soils

  • Turfing

  • Clays

  • Sands

  3. Green Waste





TV's and SCRAP METAL etc tipping is dealt with our sister company Blackpool Skip Hire Ltd. To find out more please call 01253 892020 or click here;




For any inquiries please call: 01253 886046 or contact us via sales@mjteale.co.uk

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Tel: 01253 886046

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